Welcome to my website!

My name is Joyce AKA Metalharpey, JOvI.
I’m a female gamer and streamer that absolutely loves cats, arts and crochet too!

Since I have a tablet once more, I started doing digitals again.
Check out my Commissions page if you would like to have something made by me!

Contact me through Discord for custom orders!

As a gamer, I always wanted to be part of a community where I can be myself
amongst other gamers and streamers.

I found this at the Stronghold.

A home away from home,
That is what the Stronghold aims for.

Here I find my place with gamers such as myself,
Like my guildies from the Onimusha guild in Black Desert Online,
My own Twitch.tv viewbase,
And other people I never would have met otherwise.

I’m not only a gamer, but also an artist.
I make digital arts and I love to crochet. I also do other handiworks every now and then.
And guess what? There’s people like that there too!

As a streamer I get the chance to get promoted and find more people that like to watch me live.
I even got my own little spot in the Discord just for my twitch followers and subs!